Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Kerala workers are back

These are Tamilian workers making the concrete work for open well after that they make wall around the well

 veiw of storage hut

This is the basement of shadhak dwelling worker filling it with mud and water making it ready for the wall to start

This is mr Parumal

Mr Ramesh

Mr Rama Murty painting 

The main house basement

The holy moutian in its beautiful Glory

We stop the work for ten day as the kerala workers went to their native place for Eid festival ,
Eid is a Muslim festival,in particular the feast marking the end of Ramadan

The stone wall of one the cottage

These are three kerala stone workers

Mr Subu Talking to Lord Ganesha with his mobile

New hut to store all the materials

This will be our new home till our project gets over

Giving a new look to Ganesha

Putting up window and door frame for cottage