Friday, 27 December 2013

Some pictures I click

Sunset behind greenland

Huna sniffing around

 Holy arunachala mountain in different time of the day

Jodhaa taking sun bath

One of the view of Arunachala which is know as three lingam

 Arunachala temple compound

 Raja gopuram entrance from inside

 Temple pound

 View of arunachala from Ramana Maharishi ashram

 Some flower sgrowing in greenland ashram

Bit by bit progress

 Mr Perumal watering the plant

Puddu Swami getting ready to plaster the ceiling ,You can see tiles on the roof .Its a fillers slab by doing the the price comes down to 30precent .


Roof of the shadhaka getting ready

Main house sit out

Inside of main house

Inside of one cottage

Saturday, 7 December 2013

some activities in greenland

A small snake was under the stone 

Henu looking at the pumkin

Shadhaka coming up

Main house

workers inside the sadhaka

End of the day covering the mud work .

A worker on top of the tank

Philippe ,Dhamodharan checking the work

Greenland Dogs having jolly time

Main house from behind

Back view Patanjali



A shepard with his sheeps

Myself cutting grass with our new brush cutter actually I am trying for the first time

Phillipe doing the same thing