Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Our daily activities

Every Saterday we go to see guruji in his Ashram. The person in stripe T shirts is Perumal he is our neighbour and Philippe with some orther devotes

We have lots of stones shattered all around our land so we bought two wheel borrow from Auroville  now it is easy and faster to carry stone to the work place and the workers are happy 

Daily routine of Philippe After his breakfast with his lunch box   at 8. 30am he goes to pickup the Kerala worker and stays the day looking after the works going on the site and also take care of water problems. Now you can see him watering the basement.

 Tea can used for carrying
tea for workers

We have water shortage now you can see that we buy water from the tanker and fill the sump untill we get eletricity than we have no problem .we have apply for it but its taking time 

The Flower shop where I buy flower

My daily routine .I make tea and carry to our site for the workers at 3 pm and I also go to buy flowers for doing puja for Patanjali . 

This is Goddess Kali temple near the flower shop

This lady is sweet I like to buy from her

I travel 14 kilometer everyday  to bring tea to the workers in my scooter and I enjoy it 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

kerala workers making basement

 Basement of two cottages 

Single cottage

 This is the main house

This is Watchman  house almost getting ready and we are planning to live for the time being

Making of under ground tank

We are making  a sump to store all borewell water. we need lot of water for our land .We also have plan to cultivate vegetables and fruits.Now you all can see step by step under construction of under ground tank

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Workers from Kerala

We brought workers from Kerala. They are specialize in stone works and together with Tamil workers doing the basement .they are excellent at their work and very fast always in a good and jolly moods its nice to see people enjoying their work

 This is Sujeeth with Philippe . Sujeeth is from Kerala and he is in charge of supervising the work. He's an assistant of the main architect, Sreenivasan

Now is tea time
Every day at 4 pm I prepare a can of tea from home and bring it to the building site

The worker are happy to drink tea 

This is me serving tea

This is second basement