Sunday, 10 August 2014

greenland ashram slowly coming in shape

Our chief mason checking the main pipe lines for distributing water to all the buildings in greenland

works in main house

back View of shadhaka and main house

Carpenter work 

Tamil name board for the main entrance

 Ganga our kitten trying to catch parrots sitting on the wire

Mr Ram murty chipping the floor to put granide

 JCB cleaning  around the house

Kerala mason making the base for pillers and they are enjoying it

 painters on the roof top

Mr srinivasan our architect from Kerala checking the work

This is our indication to greenland

 These guys from our village fixing the stickers on the indication board

the cottages look beautiful wait till its over with the greenery

A lizard 

Close up 

Inside view of large cottage 


Main house

Our kitchen

Guest room with louver windows

Electricity room


Wash basin in shadhaka

inside shadhaka