Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Starting of roof work

Dragonfly in greenland garden 

Starting of roof work in one of the cottage

 Sunrise view from greenland ashram

Thursday, 21 November 2013

little bit of progress

There was a gap of ten days due to deepam festival plus cyclone depression there was lots of wind and rain so no work was done everyone was in a festival mood 

Connecting borewell pump

 Four hundred feet long rubber pipe its quite a tough work

double cottage work in progess

Man at work fixing the border fence

Main house

 wooden pillar in front of cottage it is antique piece

Open well 

Friday, 8 November 2013

The house we are living in

The entrance of Greenland, with the house we're living in.

 Philippe on the way to work

Another view of our house right now

Isn't it the beginning of Greenland ?

Even some flowers

The futur staff quarter

shadhaka building development

Inside of shadhaka building 

view of greenland from the top of over head tank

The main house in construction

three cottages in construction

a large cottage, a double cottage and a small cottage

the open well on the back the common hall on the back right with a large cottage on the front. front left, a part of the man house and futur garden

The two sadhakas dwellings with our Patanjali temple on the left

The patanjali temple and behind our neighbour . a Sadhu from haryana north India

Around area of greenland

Small stone hill next to our plot