Friday, 25 October 2013

Ayudha puja

ayudha puja is an integral part of the navarathi means worship of implements on the ninth day of the dasaara festival weapons ,tools and vehicles are worshipped

With my village students

I am teaching some village children devotional songs 

This is Bheem and Hanu our two Rottweiller pups

Greenland On Google map

Since not so long, if you wish to come to Greenland Ashram, you can use google map.

So if you want to reach our place from anywhere in the world. Type Greenland ashram. Choose the place in South India and type direction.

It is definitely a beautiful tool, and bring our place Greenland a step forward to life.

All is well in the best of the world.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

day by day progress

Tea time

View from overhead tank

Myself checking the plant

Philippe checking the work on overhead tank

View of Patanjali temple

Mud getting ready 

Philippe and me 

After rain we had some visiters 

A village girl on her way back home

Mr Rama swami and his son 

This is Hanu our rotteweiller pup

Work in f ull  swing

Tea time again