Thursday, 31 August 2017

Latest news for this season 2017-2018

We do receive a lot of request from individuals and families to stay at the ashram.

And as per our policies we do ask them to stay for a minimum, of two days for a group of 5 people.
This season we have decided to change this policy and allowing  those who wants to come in family, or for a personal spiritual retreat, or for a visit, to stay in the premise of Greenland Ashram depending on availability.

We invite those who are interested to email us or to fill the form at the end of the website to check our availability here and request for meals.
we will answer your queries swiftly.

We remind you that Greenland Ashram provide accommodation in a very beautiful and organic Guest House with all facilities, 4 persons maximum per room in cottage, two maximum in sadhaka dwellings ( Ram and Sita Kutheer) in case of need for groups.

I also invite you to check our Guidelines and code of conduct section in our website guidelines-and-code-of-conducts  , reminding us that Greenland is a Ashram a place of spiritual and mental discipline.

Monday, 28 August 2017

No more WIFI in Greenland Ashram

From March 2017, we have stopped providing WIFI to our Guests. 

However for those who need internet connection, we will guide them towards shop where a Sim card can be purchased, and data card provided.